It is with sincere appreciation and admiration for you that I am relaunching the project known as the Perfect Poor (a collection of music with friends) on all digital platforms. In early 2000s, in the project’s infancy, the goal was good times, good friends, and good drugs.  After a lot of good drugs, the good times and good friends just seem to disappear. In 2007, after a month long east coast/mid-west tour, I was too sick to continue any sort of live performances.  The mission of educating myself on recording, sound engineering, and publishing had begun.  Our motto “we do everything and we believe in everything we do” is something I try to carry with me as I continue forth with our creations, recordings, and overall productions.  It is with tremendous excitement that I bring you the first installment of a 3 EP collection spanning 14 years of music production by myself, Nicholas Albrecht (Trevor Rockwood). The 3 EPs also feature a talented group of friends and studio musicians that have greatly enhanced the sonic quality of these recordings.  These recordings are designed to be played loud! That’s no joke!