The musicians/artists known as THE PERFECT POOR grew up in the Northern suburbs of Baltimore. Inspired by the high crime, Chesapeake Bay, alcohol, Jeeps, and most of all, Rock n Roll, The Perfect Poor built and sustained a large local following with a regular dose of energetic, punk-fueled, live shows for their fans. Following their 2007 US tour, live shows were temporarily halted in order for its creator, Bill Hammerson, to focus on the daunting task of educating himself on home recording, sound engineering, producing, and publishing to efficiently further his their music career. Due to COVID, The Perfect Poor has reconvened to build another stellar live show which will be coming to the Mid-Atlantic region sometime in the near future.

Bill’s music education and experience started at the age of 9 when he was forced to join the school chorus instead of the orchestra due to the high cost of music instruments at the time. This actually turned into a blessing since it gave Bill his acute, well-manicured and sometimes grungy voice which he still utilizes to this day. Singing fueled his love of music and he ended up learning to play several instruments – including guitar, bass, banjo, trumpet, and many others. He remained in the chorus all through his schooling, as well as started a high school band in order to play classic rock and blues which he loved so much. After attending the Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Mars for a degree in Golf Course Management, he quickly formed a group and named it The Perfect Poor in order to begin playing live shows and work on his craft. He currently maintains a high independence with his music and music production but is greatly open to working with any well-seasoned established artist/producers who may increase the quality and presentation of his music.